Laundry Trolley Tipper Electrical Conversion

Laundry Trolley Tipper Electrical Conversion

Customers’ Requirement:

Conversion from hydraulic to electric motor run system.

Original hydraulic system not suitable in Laundry clean environment (issue of damage to linen/garments when hoses burst / use of hydraulic fluids).

Scope of works completed:

  • Conversion of hydraulic to electrically operated system with operation using hand controller connected to tipper control cabinet.
  • Adjustments to increase degree of rotation/tipping (which was insufficient in hydraulic system).
  • Installation within safety cell using ZONE Safety Systems perimeter fencing, light curtains and tower light.

Note: Trolleys pushed manually into tipper bucket.

Partner Products Utilised:

  • ZONE Safety Systems – Perimeter safety guard fencing (manufactured and designed by CellTec)
  • Leuze Electronic – MLC Light Curtains, Safety Relay, retro-reflective sensors
  • Finecables – M12 cables for light curtains
  • ABB – Enclosure control cabinet, VSD (Variable speed drive), contactor, overload, load break, circuit breaker
  • Segi Biz – Aluminium push button control box
  • Werma – Light tower

Other Products Utilised:

  • Balluff - Proximity inductive sensor
  • FCR - Motor and gear box
  • Entrelec - wiring terminal components
  • Lapp - wire, cable
  • Mean Well - power supply
  • Kubler - Encoders
  • Renu Electronics - PLC and expansion