Safety Upgrade of Bottling Machines

Safety Upgrade of Bottling Machines

Customers’ Requirement:

Upgrade of safety gate and e-stop operations around a Accumulation Conveyor Bottling Machine.

Scope of works completed:

  • Complete upgrade of safety control circuit with integration into existing system via newly built cabinets.
  • Cabinets that control both gate locks and e-stop operation.

Partner Products Utilised:

  • Fortress Interlocks: mGuard key switch solenoid Isolators and DM lock range
  • ABB – load breaks, miniature circuit breakers, contactors
  • Siemens - power supply and buffer module

Other Products Utilised:

  • Pilz - Safety PLC
  • Rittal - Cabinet
  • Allen Bradley - E-Stop, push buttons and pilot lights
  • Entrelec - wiring terminal components