Clinching Twin Robots and Positioner Rollover

KUKA Clinching Twin Robots & Positioner Rollover

Utilising Robots to improve production capacity and ergonomics:

With Robot's automated and consistent clinching can increase both production capacity and reduce the strain on workers. With the addition of rollover jigs and turntables to a setup, capacity can be increased even further buy reducing the amount of re-loading tasks that would traditionally have been done manually.

Benefits of Robotic clinching systems:

  • Twin KUKA KR 120 R2500 Pro Robots with dynamic flexibility and reach.
  • Kuka Linear Positioner in order for loading and clinching to occur simulations increasing production to growth targets.
  • BTM 10 TON Hydrualic Arm Units removing multiple manual clinching points to operation by duel rotating robot clinch arms.
KUKA KR Quantec Robots KUKA Linear Positioners