SMART PROCESS GATING: Light curtains with integrated muting

SMART PROCESS GATING: Light curtains with integrated muting

Improve tamper protection and eliminate costs and time wasted on separate muting installation.

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The Smart Process Gating (SPG) Leuze MLC Safety Light Curtains use a control signal provided by the PLC and the interruption of the protective field as a trigger for bridging to products being transported. A fault-free passage is therefore guaranteed and reduces the risk of tampering by operating personnel. A reference beam remains active for monitoring. Watch the video below to see how how it works:

Key Functions:

Range reduction on the transmitter
Switchable transmission channels
LED indicators
7‑segment display
Start/restart interlock (RES)
Beam blanking, fixed or floating
Muting function, integrated

The Advantages:

  • Integrated Smart Process Gating (SPG) function for process control together with the system controller, separate muting sensors are not required.
  • Improved tamper proof protection, by combining muting into the light curtain which is better protected from tampering then external muting sensors.
  • Compact installation saving valuable space and simple and adjustable swivel mounts with optionally available vibration dampening.
  • Reduces installation time and expenses associated with purchasing, programming and connecting separate muting products.
  • Optimal handling and configuration due to function selection without needing to use a PC as well as LED and 7-segment display with integrated 3-zone alignment aid.
  • Flexible re-adjustment to cater to changing sizes of products / goods.
  • Can be used in two operating modes for speeds of up to 0.2 m/s or speeds up to 0.6 m/s depending on application (production line or conveyor line).

Single Light Curtain Installation

SPG Single light curtain system Leuze

Single Curtain Installation does not require PLC, all muting function is run from the curtain itself.

Multiple Light Curtain Installation

SPG Muti light curtain system Leuze

Multi Light Curtain Installation is simplified with less time required to program PLC as you no longer need to install and program separate muting sensors.


Technical Data SPG MLC 530 Light Curtains
Type in accordance with EN IEC 61496 Type 4
Performance Level in accordance with EN IEC 13849-1 PL e
Safety Integrity Level in accordance with EN IEC 61508 SIL 3
Resolution [mm] 30, 40, 90
Operating range up to 10 m / up to 20 m
Response time 100 ms
Degree of protection IP 65
Ambient temperature, operation –30 … +60°C
Profile cross section 29 × 35.4 mm
Connection type M12, 5-pin (transmitter) / 8-pin (receiver)

* SPG series receivers can be used with standard MLC transmitter (more resolutions and heights available, please enquire).

SPG MLC Leuze Safety Light Curtains MLC Leuze Safety Light Curtains
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