Solving motor condensation and freezing problems

Solving motor condensation and freezing problems

Refrigerators and freezers often require high maintenance costs. They use automated equipment, conveyor systems and electric motors that are affected by motor condensation and can freeze when the motor is stationary.

While the problems are not always resulting in an immediate failure, the lifetime of the motor is often significantly reduced.

Replacement costs and equipment down time reduce the productivity and profitability of the system. ABB, world leaders in electrical products and solutions, have introduced the new PSTX soft starter range with a feature designed to solve this problem.

Soft starter reduces motor condensationWhen a motor is stationary, the soft starter injects a small DC current into a winding. Therefore generating enough heat to stop condensation and/or freezing of the motor. This increases the lifetime of the motor and reduces maintenance costs. Also, using a soft starter ensures a controlled start reducing the mechanical stress caused by typical DOL or start/delta starters. This increases the mechanical life of belts and bearings and provides smooth motion for transported products and materials. As well as significant reductions in peak energy demand. This ensures the site supply network is less stressed, resulting in further reduced maintenance costs.

Limp Mode is a new mode that has been introduced to the soft starters. Providing support if one of the drive thyristors (the electronic driver element for each phase) fails. The soft starter can still operate until repaired at a more convenient time.

Other integrated features include, detachable operator panel, integrated bypass contactor, electronic overload and an application set-up wizard. These all provide fast installation, set-up, commissioning, and diagnostics.

Reducing maintenance costs and increasing up time means increased profits. and operation productivity.

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